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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


The FORTUNE Tech Summit July 12-13

I am very honoured to present my vision of Virtual Identity at this year's iMeme conference and to expose the exciting work My Virtual Model is doing in this area.

In my PDF entitled "Trybalization and Shopalization" I have answered the following preparatory questions for my panel:
  1. How do you see the adoption of identity systems taking place - where, and at what pace?
  2. Will the consumer - user - see the value of identity systems and embrace them not only for security reasons - but as a way of expressing themselves and more effectively joining and participating in social networks, communities and all forms of collaborative and discovery efforts.
  3. What are your predictions about adoption and any major forces that might drive and shape adoption - such as RealID, HSPD12, identity theft, the pressures of relying parties and payment systems.
  4. What are your predictions about what a pervasive new identity system might look like and the timeframe when it might become pervasive.
I hope you will enjoy it. Your comments are very welcome.

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