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Friday, March 24, 2006


My Fashion Identity

Since the creation of My Virtual Model in 1999, the mission of our group is to help people to create their virtual identity. Through the expression of our lifestyle we follow our own model. Discovering our own trends and expressing our personalities by the use of our virtual model and the try-on of multiple looks and fashions. To build our closet is truly an experience and reveal the narratives of our daily lives. The garments that we wear constitute the first layer of our identity. Borges said that the animal skin patterns are God's writings. Our clothes play the same role in the projection of who we are.
In parallel creating virtual rooms and trying on furnitures, colors, all kinds of artifacts is also highly creative and unleash our true self. Someone said few years ago that after the information age we are entering the imagination age and it appears to be very true. In this same line of thought shopping becomes a performance, a happening, a form of spontaneous art and social expression. What will be the place and role, and form of retail? A producer of Virtual Experiences, a broker of digital assets and a multi-channel and multimedia director.
Let's look at this presentation to begin a story of this new era.
Louise Fashion Identity

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